Great combinations
Lead to great things.
Friends & late nights.
Music & dancing.
Drinks & good times.

&So, let’s keep this simple. &SODA is ready to drink,
balanced blend of premium triple-distilled vodka, real fruit flavours & soda water.

We’ve got two feel good flavours to get the party started. A VODKA&SODA staple in Classic Lime and a fruity Raspberry for those looking for a berry blast. Crisp & clean, natural & no sugar, vegan & gluten-free, low in calories & high in good vibes. We’re a VODKA&SODA and proud

Born out of a love of design & drinks, we exist to champion collaboration & creativity. Hereoing artists, the creative community and bringing awesome combinations together.

We make the moments that become memories.

&So, grab a can or two, one for me and one for you. We’re just getting started..